Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval-cut diamonds are timeless and classic, its elongated shape gives a flattering illusion of length to the fingers. The Oval diamond has beautiful brilliance that’s similar to a Round diamond. Cuts with the same number of facets as a Round-cut diamond, an Oval-cut diamond emits nearly the same level of brilliance and fire. Its elongated shape makes it appear larger in carat weight than a Round-cut diamond.

An Oval-cut diamond can be ‘Short and fat’ or ‘Long and thin’ so one must check the length-to-width ratio of the diamond prior to the purchase. For most traditional Oval-cut diamonds, look for a length-to-width ratio between 1.33 and 1.66. However, some people prefer ‘Long and thinner cuts’ and some prefer ‘Rounder and softer cuts’.

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